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Spiritual entrepreneur

Ashlee Richardson is a spiritual entrepreneur, astrologer, tarot card reader and clairvoyance who has had a sixth sense of reading people from a very young age. As early as five years old, she can recall getting premonitions at school that often got her in trouble with teachers and staff. As a young child, this ability to understand people, read people and even connect with others who have passed on from this life was alarming to her, her family and friends. In fact, Ashlee was sent to the hospital and analyzed by child therapists multiple times, every time coming to the same conclusion– Ashlee is psychologically fine and there is no modern science explanation to her sixth sense. 


Understanding her god-given gift was initially confusing and terrifying, but as she began to mature, she realized it was a gift that can help others. Now, Ashlee is what she considers a millennial spiritual entrepreneur with a full-thriving e-commerce business providing psychic services to others that helps them become and thrive as their best selves. 


As a 31-year-old young woman who has studied psychology and gotten to know her true self, Ashlee now understands that this unique gift is her life calling.

In the height of the pandemic, Ashlee founded Not So Pr3tty, an online telekinesis services business. From Tarot card readings to daily astrology and psychic readings, Ashlee works with a variety of people around the world through her digital paid subscription business to provide insight and guidance about their past, presence and future.  


Before accepting her fate as someone with psychic abilities, Ashlee previously worked at a courthouse in Maryland with the ultimate goal of going to law school and becoming a state’s attorney. Prior to that, she studied psychology in her undergraduate studies.


This work has become satisfying to Ashlee because she knows that she is ultimately helping people tap into their full mental capacity and unlock the lives they truly desire while finding balance and happiness.


Oftentimes due to societal insecurities or traumatic life events, humans lose their innate ability to believe in themselves. This is one specialty that Ashlee works with clients to overcome. Through positive affirmations and good intentions, Ashlee has developed a full-time digital business working with people of all walks of life, helping them understand themselves and clarify their purpose while on this planet.


Through her paid subscription service on Patreon, Ashlee provides daily astrology readings. In addition, through her company, Not So Pr3tty, she offers personalized, one-on-one video conferences with clients in which she answers any questions they may have about their personal lives or what their future may hold. In addition, she can often connect with family or loved one’s that have transitioned to the afterlife and provide final communication and closure.


Ready to work with Ashlee?                    or Join Ashlee’s            today.

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